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The21night & Visivalab

Visisvalab is a technology and design studio specialized in comprehensive digital and/or technological strategies. In 2017 they approach me searching an illustrator to work with them in a digital project for a Museum in Rome. Since then, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate in multiple cultural heritage and immersive digital projects.

First, I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for the inauguration of the Carcer Tullianum Museum, Rome’s oldest prison. Then in 2018, I developed animation tasks for an interactive video-mapping aimed to teach security measures in the Maserati Factory in Turin. Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Rome, by illustrating and helping produce a video-mapping in il Foro Romano. Finally, my last collaboration was as an illustrator and animator for a 360º virtual reality experience for the Museum at Palazzo Te in Mantua, famously acknowledged to have art masterpieces of Giulio Romano

The following images showcase some of the work I created for those projects.